One way to quiz students is to use Google Forms. This tool is expecially handy because all of the students answers automatically are gathered. You will instantly be able to see a summary of responses that make some very nice charts and graphs to help you to modify your instruction on the spot. You can choose to have the results go to a spreadsheet which makes grading easy since you do not have to flip through papers or links.  Use flubaroo to automatically grade the quiz or write a formula to grade the quizzes for you.

My Google Forms Hint: Always make sure you ask for email address.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on create
  3. Choose Form
  4. Title your form “Sample Quiz” or whatever you would like
  5. If you are on a Google Apps domain pay attention to the options at the top

    If you check box require login then students will have to be signed into their GAFE account to fill out the form. You may not want this.
    You may want the form to collect the students name to reduce the number of questions but again the student has to be logged into their GAFE account when they fill out the form.
  6. Type a header if you would like to, if you include http:// in your URL’s they will be live links in the live form. The header serves as your directions.
  7. Notice the edit, duplicate and delete icons to the right of the question, these only show up when you hover over the question.
  8. You want to make sure you ask for identifying student data.
    Tip: ask for first and last name separately!
    Tip: always ask for email address
    Tip: I like to ask for Student ID number in case the wise guy student gives their nickname. Also sorting data is always better with a number.
    Tip: ask for class period in a choose from a list style question
  9. Default question 1 is multiple choice.
  10. Click on the arrow next to the words “multiple choice” and change it to a text box.
  11. Make the identifying student information questions required!
  12. Click Done
  13. Click on add item and choose text box for the other identifying student questions

    Make them required questions
  14. The question title is the column headers in your spreadsheet. The help text does NOT get exported to the spreadsheet and is meant to let you give examples or clarifying information to help the student fill out the correct information.
  15. Create a quiz you would have students fill out.  Try to use at least 4 different questions types.  Click on Add item.  Have a couple of multiple choice questions.

  16. Question Types

Type Description
Text Allows students to enter text. It is a small box but they can enter a lot of text into the small box.  Recommendation to use it for short or single word answers.
Paragraph Text Exactly the same as the text box except the box the students see is larger. Use this for longer free response answers.
Multiple Choice No explanation needed, but this is the only question type that allows for branching questions.  If they choose A go to page 2 if they choose B go to page 3.  This way you can provide on the spot reteaching if they get a question incorrect.
Checkboxes Allow for more than one answer to be chosen. “Which of the following are polygons” or “What do you want on your sandwich”? Likely there are multiple check boxes to select by the student.
Choose from a List A drop down list.
Scale Rate something. “On a scale of 1 to 10 how much time did you study for this quiz?”
Grid Allows to create a rubric. I like to have students self assess on projects so I have them fill out a Google Form and assess themselves according to the rubric using a grid style question.
Section Header This is not a question. If you want to give some directions or context before the question use this option. Notice, you can NOT embed pictures into a Google Form.
Page Break Create different pages of the quiz so you do not have to have 50 questions all on the same screen. Chunk it up.


  1. You will want to connect your form to a spreadsheet

    Click on “Choose response destination” above the question header.
    I check the check box to ALWAYS create a new spreadsheet so that this is done by default.
    Warning, the spreadsheet is not put in the same folder as your quiz, it will go to your Google Drive.
  2. Click on View Live Form to view the form and also to get the URL that you will share with students.  Recommend to link from your website or to create a short URL and/or QR code.
  3. Fill out the form once CORRECTLY so you have an answer key.
  4. Fill out your form for pretend a few times so that you will have some data in your spreadsheet. Use your own email address or that of your friends 🙂
  5. Click on view responses to view the spreadsheet
  6. Once in the spreadsheet (spreadsheet is by default private so students can answer form but not see what other students put) you might want to click on the folder icon next to the document title to organize your spreadsheet.

Summary of Responses and Notification Rules

In your spreadsheet view your own summary of responses. Under the Form menu is an option to view essentially an item analysis of what the students submitted.


Under the tools menu go to notification rules


This will allow you to receive an email when someone submits your form. This is good for when you have a feedback form rather than a daily quiz.


If you would like to set up notifications on your Form choose that you want to be notified when “A user submits a form” and when you want to be notified.


Flubaroo Script

  1. In your spreadsheet insert the flubaroo script.  Insert->script
  2. Search for the flubaroo script
  3. Install
  4. Authorize (despite the red screen)
  5. Wait a second, the flubaroo menu option will show up next to the help menu
  6. Click on the menu and choose “grade assignment”
  7. Match up number of points as well as things you do not want graded.
  8. If you took the quiz then the first option is your answer key, select it.
  9. A tab is created that has all of the student answers graded against the answer key.
  10. Click on the flubaroo menu option to email students their results.


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