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Make a Basic Keynote Animation

Make a Basic Keynote Animation

You will need a Mac computer to do this tutorial. You can do keynote on an iPad also.  You will need to download Keynote if you do not already have it.  This is available for download in the App Store on your Mac. 

  • Command Spacebar on your Mac.
  • Type in keynote (or the first few letters)
  • Open up Keynote
  • Choose a WHITE theme
  • First slide put your name as the title
  • Click New 
  • You want a BLANK slide – click on masters icon and then choose the blank template.



  • You want to put a picture on the slide
  • Go to http://images.google.com 
  • Do a search for something
  • click on the picture you want to animate
  • RIGHT CLICK (two fingers at the same time) on the trackpad
  • Choose to SAVE IMAGE AS….HINT: Save to desktop!!!
  • DRAG the picture from the desktop onto the keynote slide
  • Remember to do things in keynote you want to use the INSPECTOR: 
  • It may already be open. You’re looking for this:


  • You want to be on the SLIDE transition tab


  • You want the slide transition to be MAGIC MOVE!!!


  • Right click on the slide on the side and choose DUPLICATE


  • On that duplicated slide MOVE the image. (You can also resize the image)
  • Duplicate the slide again
  • Move and/or resize the image again
  • repeat
  • repeat
  • repeat
  • You are creating an animation so you need the picture to move around.
  • Click on the FIRST SLIDE
  • Now go to File-Record Slideshow


  • This will start recording your slideshow.  If you want you can talk and it will record your voice so you can explain what is going on.
  • Push the arrow keys or click on the trackpad to advance the slides.
  • If you mess up your recording you can push escape
  • Then you go to file->CLEAR RECORDING


  • Then you need to go to file->Record Slideshow to start over.  MAKE SURE YOU”RE ON THE FIRST SLIDE TO START YOUR RECORDING FROM THE BEGINNING.
  • When you hit the last slide and advance the slide it will end the recording automatically.
  • Now you want to export this as a movie
  • Under the SHARE menu you will export QuicktimeNotice all the ways you can export, and while you can export directly to YouTube sometimes that is glitchy so I prefer to upload to youtube myself.


  • Export to Quicktime

    if you want your voice recording to be on your animation you want to have the include audio button checked.

    if you do NOT want your voice on it, uncheck that box.


  • Save to the desktop
    naming convention: keynoteanimation_ci100_lastname_first Initial


  • Click Export
  • Go to www.youtube.com
  • Log in
  • Click on UPLOAD


  • Drag your video from the desktop to the YouTube (or browse for it)


YouTube video

YouTube video

YouTube video




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