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A little HTML for teachers

I have found that knowing a little bit of HTML is wildly useful.  One might be surprised at all of the Web 2.0 applications that allow you to insert HTML tags.  I always recommend to fellow teachers to learn a few basic tags.  Learning these tags will help them to be more productive and to possibly make their resources and activities more closely in line with what they envisioned.

I was using survey monkey today and wondered if I could add images to the header by uploading my pictures to photobucket  and getting the image HTML code.  I simply pasted that code into the header.  Worked like a charm.  It was not readily apparent that I could do this so it turned out to be yet another surprising place I was able to put my HTML skills to work.

My first recommendation is to do a Google search for “html for teachers” or “html tutorial.”

You do not need to do the entire tutorial but know a few basics.  Once you’ve gone through a few of the lessons try googling “HTML cheat sheet” and printing out a page of common tags that you might want to use.

An HTML tag is a code that goes between a less than and a greater than symbol.
Typically there is a start and an /end tag.   and  The slash next to the b is saying to stop bolding the text.

Here are my recommended tags

DescriptionStart TagEnd Tag
 Horizontal Line 

 Line Break 

These other HTML tags are useful also

 Description HTML
 Insert an image 
 Insert a link Text Shown such as click here

I also find it very useful to know how to code a table and bullet points.  You can find those in the HTML lesson tutorial linked above.

A comment by Luann

My response: Yes, Luann, that would be nice if we could use HTML in Google Spreadsheet. You can insert images into a cell, which can be a work around. Also you CAN use HTML in a Google SITE!

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  3. A little bit of coding knowledge is also useful when working with students in Blogger: for example, in chemistry, 2 and 2 . Hey. I wonder if that would work in a Google spreadsheet?

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