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A little HTML for teachers

I have found that knowing a little bit of HTML is wildly useful.  One might be surprised at all of the Web 2.0 applications that allow you to insert HTML tags.  I always recommend to fellow teachers to learn a few basic tags.  Learning these tags will help them to be more productive and to possibly make their resources and activities more closely in line with what they envisioned.

I was using survey monkey today and wondered if I could add images to the header by uploading my pictures to photobucket  and getting the image HTML code.  I simply pasted that code into the header.  Worked like a charm.  It was not readily apparent that I could do this so it turned out to be yet another surprising place I was able to put my HTML skills to work.

My first recommendation is to do a Google search for “html for teachers” or “html tutorial.”

You do not need to do the entire tutorial but know a few basics.  Once you’ve gone through a few of the lessons try googling “HTML cheat sheet” and printing out a page of common tags that you might want to use.

An HTML tag is a code that goes between a less than and a greater than symbol. <tag>
Typically there is a start and an /end tag.  <b> and </b>  The slash next to the b is saying to stop bolding the text.

Here are my recommended tags

DescriptionStart TagEnd Tag
 Bold <b> </b>
 Italics <i> </i>
 Underline <u> </u>
 Horizontal Line <hr>
 Paragraph <p>
 Line Break <br>

These other HTML tags are useful also

 Description HTML
 Insert an image <img src=”URL of image”>
 Insert a link <a href=”URL”>Text Shown such as click here</a>

I also find it very useful to know how to code a table and bullet points.  You can find those in the HTML lesson tutorial linked above.

A comment by Luann

My response: Yes, Luann, that would be nice if we could use HTML in Google Spreadsheet. You can insert images into a cell, which can be a work around. Also you CAN use HTML in a Google SITE!

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  3. A little bit of coding knowledge is also useful when working with students in Blogger: for example, in chemistry, 2 and 2 . Hey. I wonder if that would work in a Google spreadsheet?

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