One of my favorite features of the Promethean ActivInspire software is the “3rd row.”  This allows you to save your commonly used resources for quick access.

As a math teacher my favorite resource is graph paper. But regardless of what you teach, there are pictures, images or graphic organizers that you like to have quick at your fingertips.

One way to obtain resources, besides the resource library, is to go to and search for graph paper, graphic organizers, baskets or whatever images you could use in your lesson.
Resize the internet window so it is hovering over top of your ActivInspire flipchart.
DRAG the image onto to the flipchart.
Resize and position on the flipchart in the way that you would most likely use the resource.
Using the select tool (arrow) and drag the resourse onto the 3rd row.

A simple tap of the resource in the 3rd row will bring it up on any flipchart page. The resource will appear in the same size and position as the original.

For graph paper I like to have a large xy axis in the bottom right and a small xy axis in the upper left as a resource.  I will take the same resource and move it on the flipchart page and resize and then drag the “new” resource onto the 3rd row to give me quick access to this resource in 2 different sizes and locations.

If your toolbar does not have a 3rd row you will want to go to file->settings.  The first tab is layout.  You want to UNCHECK the “rolled in” checkbox. This will cause the 3rd row to appear.

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