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When is the last time you went to a conference? Budget times are tough and possibly it has been awhile. Professional development has taken a hit with the budget axe and we are all feeling tired, overworked and stale with out teaching. An UnConference event may be for you! At an UnConference event the format is driven by the participants.  Rather than going from stuffy session to stuffy session that doesn’t really connect to what you’re doing in the classroom, an UnConference event lets the participants choose the topics. You can vote with your feet.  It is completely kosher to wander and visit multiple sessions. At a traditional conference you listen to a presenter, an unconference is more discussion style where you get to participate in the sessions.

EdCamp Central Valley will be held February 25, 2012 at the Kremen Building at Fresno State.  8am – 3pm.  Register now at

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