Unconference today at Skyline High School in Oakland.

This is my first experience with an unconference. It was really cold up here in Oakland (boy do I love Fresno), but a really fun experience. Casual environment, organizers put up a blank grid of classrooms and session times.  Attendees could fill out a card and put down a session they wanted to lead.  Since it is an unconference the sessions are discussions not presentations so we circled up the desks.  Some of these conversations were so engaging people did not want to leave… even when it backed up to lunch the conversation was going over 20 minutes into lunch.  Amazing.

Here is a link to the session I signed up to lead on gamification.

Here is a link to the notes I took for the session for What is a fact?

Here is a link to the notes I took in Karen McMillians session. Great discussion on getting teachers involved.

Here is the link to my session notes on QR codes and Cell Phone Applications in the classroom

Here is link to the last session  How “Gaming the System” & gamification are taking over education @patrix47

check out the hashtag: #edcampsfbay



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