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Add a Favicon to your Google Site

Update: Previously I had linked to a blog posting by Jonathan Wylie and his site  Unfortunately the posting has been taken down. In response I have posted on my blog the step by step directions for creating a favicon on your Google Site. Click Here to visit my step by step directions.

When I create my favicons I use the site:
I host my site on bluehost, I like them because they have great customer service and it is easy to install open source installs such as Moodle, WordPress, etc… To create a favicon on bluehost I have to go into the cpanel, go to the file manager (html public) and open the folder that contains the website I want the favicon to appear in and save the .ico file in that folder (overwrite the old one if one is already there).

Look at the tab on your browser, notice that the little picture is my logo of the green A on a purple circle. That little icon in the tab is my favicon.

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