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Share assessments in Illuminate Ed

Share assessments in Illuminate Ed


When sharing an assessment in illuminate ed there are a few options to consider.

  • If you share with a user group it will share with EVERYONE in that usergroup.  Be careful of sharing with the user group TEACHER as it will share with all teachers, kindergarten through high school. Do ALL teachers really need this assessment? If you share with PRINCIPAL you will share with all principals at all school sites, Elementary, Jr. High and High School. There are very few reasons to share with an entire usergroup. Use this option sparingly.
  • If you share with the site it is more limiting than the user group but still, does EVERYONE at that site need access to your assessment? Does the principal, counselors, all teachers?
  • Best is to share specifically with users. What is great is you can start typing the names of individuals you want to share the assessment with and it will predict who you are choosing so you don’t have to type their whole name. Also, you can search for users by either first or last name.
  • If you are sharing with a grade level, do you really want all school sites with that grade level to have access to your assessment?
  • When you share make sure you select “Can Administer.” Most likely you are sharing not just so someone can look at your lovely assessment, but so that they can use it with their class. Default is NO, so remember to switch that to YES.
  • WARNING: If you allow someone to edit that also means they can DELETE your assessment. If someone you share with thinks they do not want to use that assessment, they might think they are deleting it for themselves but accidentally could end up deleting it for everyone.  Remember it is very easy for you to edit, if someone finds a typo you are able to very quickly make the change so there is very little reason to allow other users to edit.

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