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Alice Keeler

Sharing a Google Doc

Sharing a Google Doc

One of the powerful tools about Google Doc’s is the ability to share.  This enables collaboration and also to keep others in the loop on your project.  To share directly with another person click on the “SHARE” button in the upper right hand corner of your google doc.  If students put in your email you will not only get notification that the document has been shared with you, you will be able to edit and comment on the document.


  • Allow for digital turn in of papers (save a tree).
  • Paper is accessible from any computer connected to the internet.  Students are not restricted to their home computer to do work.
  • Google Doc’s allows for students to print or even export as a Word document. But in the event of printer trouble, sharing the file with the teacher can prove that the assignment was completed on time.
  • Teacher can save time collecting papers/handing papers back out.
  • Teachers can avoid having to carry around stacks of essays to grade.

Note: Here is a link to a tutorial on getting started with Google Docs

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