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Making a Quick Flip Chart

Making a Quick Flip Chart
  • In Word create your document in LANDSCAPE mode.
  • Make the font size LARGE
  • Use insert->page break often.  Each page is a page on your flipchart, thus create a page break after each set of directions or examples.
  • If you have a quiz or exam view export just go in and put page breaTeacher Techks after each question.
  • If you are using a document you created previously do control A (mac use command A) which selects all and apply a larger font.
  • Save or print your document as a PDF.
  • In Inspire from the file menu you can import->PDF.
  • Done 🙂

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Innovative Strategies Beyond PEMDAS for Deepening Number Sense

   💥Do you HAVE to go left to right?
   💥Can we START with exponents?
   💥How can we build student confidence in mathematics?
   💥How can we get past PEMDAS?
  💥How can technology support students building number sense?

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