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Voice Type Your Math

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EquatIO works with Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Jamboard, and more to add math to these products. It is FREE for teachers. You will need to install the Chrome extension and fill out the form to make your free trial into a free premium subscription. You can VERBALLY type your math! Voice Typing There are so many amazing features of… Read More »Voice Type Your Math

Essential Google Apps: Anyone With the Link Can View

Recently Google has updated the interface for how to share documents. By default documents you create are private. Changing the settings then defaults to sharing at your school. To allow parents and those outside of your domain to see your documents you need to take an additional step. Share Button In Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings there is a Share… Read More »Essential Google Apps: Anyone With the Link Can View

Change the background color GOogle DOcs

Google Docs: Change Background Color

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Why Be Boring? The default background in Google Docs is white. But why not be more colorful! See this activity in a Google Doc where I changed the background to brown. alicekeeler.com/eatabrownie Page Setup Use the File menu in your Google Doc to choose “Page Setup.” Not Printing Depending on what you are making, there is a chance you have… Read More »Google Docs: Change Background Color

immersive reader screen reader for Google Docs chrome extension

Using Microsoft Immersive Reader with Google Docs

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Have Documents Read to Students with Immersive Reader UDL, Universal Design Learning, is a principle for designing lessons that accommodate all students. What is good for a student with special needs is also good for other students. Students with Dyslexia benefit from using Microsoft Immersive Reader. It takes text and puts it into a distraction free screen and reads the… Read More »Using Microsoft Immersive Reader with Google Docs

Ready for Offline Google Apps

Available OFFLINE – Google Apps

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  Make Google Apps Available Offline I want to fully live in the cloud. I want ONE version and 100% confidence that it is the correct version. NO COPIES. I do not want to work on a document, share it with someone else and we have two different versions, different documents. If I make updates whoever I shared it with… Read More »Available OFFLINE – Google Apps

Collaborating with Google Docs

Collaborating with Google Docs

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Do Documents TOGETHER Why do I use Google Docs (and Google Apps as part of G Suite)? Collaboration. This is one feature I can not give up and no one does it better than Google. Always Collaborate Almost never am I creating something that I will use only for myself. My first step when creating a Google Doc (docs.new) is… Read More »Collaborating with Google Docs

Outline Your Google Doc

Outline Your Google Doc

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Use the Outline Pop Out in Google Docs I really love the outline tool in Google Docs. The only problem was it was a little out of sight out of mind that unless you knew to go to the menu and select to view the outline you may not have known this was a feature. Pop Out Notice in the… Read More »Outline Your Google Doc

Pull the Table Google Docs Add On by Alice Keeler

Save Hours: Pull The Tables

Pull Student Responses From a Google Doc I’ve said many times, I would rather hit myself in the head with a brick than open 30 Google Docs (or Slides, or Sheets…). My rule of thumb is to only assign individual student work that I have to open 20% of the time or less. For those times when I do need… Read More »Save Hours: Pull The Tables

G Suite: Make Available OFFLINE

Enable Offline Editing I use G Suite over other tools because collaboration is king. I do not want multiple versions floating around. Using G Suite I have full confidence that I am always looking at the current version. This is one reason for the paradigm shift that we do NOT make copies. Instead we name the version history and always… Read More »G Suite: Make Available OFFLINE

10 Easter Eggs in G Suite

10 G Suite Easter Eggs

10 Hidden Features of G Suite Not everything can be found in a menu. Here are 10 features of G Suite that you have to know to use. 1) Google Sites In Google Sites double click to reveal a wheel to insert content. Try making a Google Site by going to http://sites.new. 2) Force a Copy When I share my… Read More »10 G Suite Easter Eggs

Updated 5 Google Apps Challenges

Going through my Google Drive resources folder I found this Google Slides with 5 challenges for Google Apps. The image for Google Forms was still green (instead of purple) so you know it was needing updating. Basic Challenges These challenges would be for those newer to G Suite. Add fonts to Google Docs. In Google Slides change the background image.… Read More »Updated 5 Google Apps Challenges

alert students to the comment icon

Google Docs: Check the Comments

Step 1 Click The Comments Icon When collaborating in a Google Doc, Sheets, or Slides all of the document comments are collected in one place. Next to the Share Button You will find the comments icon next to the Share button in Docs, Sheets, or Slides. It looks like a speech balloon with 3 lines. Teacher Feedback The keyboard shortcut… Read More »Google Docs: Check the Comments