Google Classroom: Header Template

Create a Header for your Google Classroom You can add your own custom header to Google Classroom. I make a lot of Google Classrooms and I was feeling like adding my Bitmoji to mix it up. To do that I had to make my own image. Template Change...

Google Drawing: Play Connect 4 Asynchronously

If you have never played the game Connect 4 you are woefully sheltered and should run to Target and play the game with your kids. Awhile back Matt Gomez shared his template for playing Connect 4 in Google Drawings. It is a fun activity to show how you can use Google...

Create Posters to Clearly Communicate Ideas

Create Posters to Clearly Communicate Ideas I saw Canva tweet a blog post “20 Easy Ways to Create a Professional Poster that Goes Above and Beyond [with Free Templates].” Canva is awesome, you should use it. One of the 21st century skills is for students...

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