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My Tablet Charging Station: Aleratec

My Tablet Charging Station: Aleratec


I have been using the Aleratec charging station for almost a year. This has been a great tool for charging all of my devices. What is nice is that it is a small box that can be placed anywhere. I love how non bulky the Aleratec is yet still incredibly powerful. Optional tablet stands are available to hold a total of 10 devices.. Devices charge quickly and it works with any device that charges via USB. This charging station has been amazing for me, I use it everyday.

If you have tablet devices in your classroom this is a great item to place along a counter for charging. I like being able to place it near students. When their devices are running low I do not want the downtime of waiting for the device to charge in the charging cabinet. Setting the Aleratec down on tables where students are working allows them to charge their devices while they work.

I feel that teaching is about relationship building. One way to show you value students is to allow them to charge their phones in your class. Since the Aleratec works with any USB charging cable students are able to connect their phones over in the corner during class.

Aleratec is having their 15th anniversary. In celebration they have agreed to offer online orders 15% off on all portable device management products. (Expires March 20th) Use the code KEELER15. to take advantage of this offer. Website is http://www.aleratec.com


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