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Snip It: Using the FREE Windows Snipping Tool

In this guest post, educator Marcia Carrillo demonstrates the Snipping Tool. She explains it is the quickest and easiest method for screenshots or grabs and... It's FREE! 
Snip It: Using the FREE Windows Snipping Tool

Just Snip it!

The Snipping Tool is the quickest and easiest method for screenshots or grabs. In many districts, teacher’s work stations are PCs run by Windows but the awesome Snipping Tool has been hidden and undiscovered. It’s FREE! 

In my opinion, the Snipping Tool is a teacher’s best friend.  If you click on the start button you can scroll down to Snip & Sketch or in the search bar type “snipping tool”.  Select the tool and click New and you have four snip choices. Then you can copy and paste the image to your new project or save as a .png file for future use.  

Check out this GIF recording to show the simple steps of using the Snipping Tool (rectangular-snip)

Uses for the Snipping Tool

I was creating a website with links, images and evidence for the California Department of Education and needed images of documents and their corresponding links.  The snipping tool made this process effortless.  When you want to capture a webpage, part of a google document, one Google Slide or an image you want to use as directions for an activity, the snipping tool is your answer. I use the snipping tool daily to create blog posts, directions, or snip images that are difficult to save, for some reason. I use the snipping tool on my own resources,usually.  Capturing images that are copyrighted is a violation of these rules.

Note: Copyright rules should be followed when using the Snipping Tool.

Sample Snips-resize the image

About the Author

Guest Blog by Marcia Carrillo.  Marcia has been a secondary educator for over 30 years and is currently teaching Independent Studies at a  high school in California. She has earned her B.S. in Physical Education and Biology and her M.A. in Organizational Leadership.  She presented at #FallCUE in 2019 with her Mentor team.She is passionate about student centered learning and using technology to improve learning and engage students.  She can be followed at @MCarrilloEDU on Twitter and Instagram

1 thought on “Snip It: Using the FREE Windows Snipping Tool

  1. The newer snipping tool will let you delay the capture so you can open a drop-down menu and hold it open until the capture is complete! This is wonderful when teaching digital literacy.

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