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Google Classroom: Get Out of Suggestion Mode

In Google Classroom when you click on student work it will open in the feedback tool. When the student work is a Google Doc it will default into suggestion mode. This means that instead of editing the students document, it will suggest edits.

Keyboard Shortcut – Get OUT of Suggestion Mode

After opening a students Google Doc immediately use the keyboard shortcut Control Alt Shift Z. This is holding down the Control key. Holding down the Alt key. Holding down the Shift key. Then press the Z key. Let go of everything. This will change from the default of suggestion mode to editing mode.

Control Alt Shift Z
Use Command Alt Shift Z on a Mac

Muscle Memory

Get in the habit! This is a long keyboard shortcut. It is “ALL” the keys. Okay, not all the keys but typically keyboard shortcuts are using Control or Shift and sometimes Alt and this uses all 3!!

Alice Keeler Muscle Memory

Undo Suggestion Mode

The keyboard shortcut for undo is Control Z. So think of this as undo suggestion mode and just throw in some extra buttons. Control Alt Shift Z.

Note: You will need to do this for EVERY student Google Doc. Hence the need for muscle memory. Open up a student Google Doc, use the keyboard shortcut. Go to the next student. Use the keyboard shortcut.

Use the Icon

Instead of the keyboard shortcut you can use the icon in the toolbar. Notice the default icon is a “pencil” with a box around it for suggestion mode. You want to change it to be only a pencil .

Suggestion Mode in Google Classroom

Switch to Edit Mode

Clicking on the suggestion mode icon provides the options for changing to “Editing” or “Viewing” mode.

Click on suggesting mode to switch to editing mode.

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