Guest Post by Author Robert Dunlop

I believe there is nothing more powerful than an educator that loves coming to school each day. That is why I believe happiness in education is so important and that is why I have made it my mission to help educators connect or reconnect to the joys of being in education.  Since writing my book, Strive for Happiness in Education, I have been even more inspired and passionate to get my message out there.

That is why I decided to create a 100% Free, no obligation, Staff Wellness Program for educators on my website,  Each month, I focus on a theme that will help to bring educators more happiness. I create a series of short and engaging videos and provide resources that can be done individually, as a staff or in the classroom with students.

My goal is to introduce educators to a variety of activities that they could build into their daily routines to help them feel happier, more energized and more optimistic. I believe that every student deserves a teacher who loves their job.  I also believe that all educators deserve to find happiness in this profession. 

This is my effort to help make this a reality.

I also believe that all educators deserve to find happiness in this profession. 

Robert Dunlop

About the Author

Rob Dunlop is a Teacher, Speaker, Author, Story Teller, and Family Man. You can follow him on Twitter at @RobDunlopEDU or on Facebook. Check out his website for inspiration and motivation at and you can also learn more about his book, STRIVE for Happiness in Education.

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