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Opening individual student docs to give feedback is SLOW! Try using First Slide to send student feeback faster. First Slide will bring in the text the student has on the first slide of the Google Slides. Additionally, you can push out new slides to the student slides.


Assign Individual Google Slides

You need a folder in Google Drive that has all of the student slides in it. If you use Google Classroom, you can assign a copy of a Google Slides per student and it automatically organizes each student slides into a folder.

Add-on Menu

Wait about a minute for the code to load. Use the Add-on menu to locate First Slide and “Show sidebar.”

Note: you will need to authorize the Add-on. It will give you a warning that it has not been reviewed by anyone at Google. This is correct, I did not submit this to Google to review.

Select Folder

Click the “Select folder” button in the sidebar. You will need to SINGLE CLICK on the folder selection. You want to select the folder and not the stuff in the folder.

First Slide

The text from the first slide of each students Google Slides will be imported to the spreadsheet. Tip: Highlight and HIDE (do not delete) the columns containing the link to the slides, slide title, and slide ID.

Provide Feedback

In Column D, provide feedback. Uncheck the checkbox for any student slides you do NOT want to send feedback to.

Show Sidebar

I usually clear off the sidebar so I have more room to see the student responses and provide feedback. Go back to the Add-on menu and choose “Reuse folder.” Scroll down a little and find the “Send Feedback” button. This will push your feedback from the spreadsheet back to their Slides. Students can see an arrow pointing at the slide with “Teacher Feedback.”

Send New Slides

You can continue to use the same Google Slides with students. In the Reuse Menu, you can send a new slide to each students Google Slides. Click on “Send Prompt” or “Add Slide.” The new slide will add to the top.

Reuse Same Folder

Use the same spreadsheet over and over. As students respond to the prompts you send, use the sidebar to “Use Same Folder.” This will create a new tab in the spreadsheet and bring in the text from the students first slides.

Send Specific Slides

If you have a Google Slides with slides you want to push to the students slides you can use the Reuse menu to “Set Slides” and “Send Slide” or “Send Multiple Slides.”

When you click “Set Slides” you will paste the URL to the Google Slides you wish to push from. Clicking on “Send Multiple Slides” will ask you which slide you want to push and how many of them you want to push. You will have the option to “Yes” send the pushed slides to the top of Google Slides or “No” to send to the bottom.

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