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Automagically PDF Worksheet to Google Form

Automagical Forms
Automagically PDF Worksheet to Google Form
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Upgrade your PDF by making it a Google Form. Former math teacher John McGowan, the creator of g(Math), EquatIO, Form Creator and more has developed a Drive Add-on Automagical Forms on to take your PDF and turn it into a Google Form!! THIS WILL SAVE YOU HOURS!!

Install Automagical Forms
  • First install the Add-on from the webstore. This will get you the free version.
  • Locate a PDF in your Google Drive. Single click on the file.
  • Click Automagical icon in the sidebar.
  • If your PDF takes more than 30 seconds to convert to a Form you will need to authorize more time.
  • Select questions.
  • Click Create Form
$7 pricing for teachers

$7 for 100 PDF Pages for 3 Months

Not Free: OCR page reading uses AI technology from Amazon, which charges per page.

I have asked John to make special pricing for teachers. He has enabled $7 for 3 months up to 100 PDF pages. He is a former teacher and would like to give it away for free, but he’s a one man band with a baby and his current job is freelance Google Apps Developer. Amazon AWS charges him per PDF sheet to convert to Google Forms so he has reduced the price as much as he can to not lose money.

OCR Text Recognition

Automagical Forms is looking for your text questions. It can not recognize math symbols (yet) or pictures.

To add a picture to a Google Form from a PDF take a screenshot of the image and add manually to the Form.

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