Warning when crowdsourcing Google Apps Documents

Your Collaborative Document Can Be Hijacked

I am loving how many people are being so generous with their resources to share when we are having a crisis. Crowdsourcing is helpful and plentiful. However, let me give you a caution. I have been creating crowdsourcing documents for years. There is a funny glitch with Google Apps that when someone edits your document from a Google EDU account where THEIR district restricts collaborating it hijacks the document and locks you out of changing sharing settings.

Easy Fix – Owner Settings

You need to do this BEFORE your crowdsourced document gets hijacked. Click the Share button in the upper right. Click on “Advanced” in tiny letters in the bottom right of the pop up. Scroll down on that screen below where you add editors and find the “Owner settings.” Clicking on “Prevent editors from changing access and adding new people” to your file will prevent your document from accidentally being hijacked by other EDU domains which restrictions on sharing.

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