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Microsoft Forms: Share as a Template

Microsoft Forms Share a Template
Microsoft Forms: Share as a Template

Give a Copy of Your Microsoft Form to Another Teacher

Teaching is hard. It is too hard to do it alone, if you are not collaborating you are going to burn out. If you make a Quiz or survey in Microsoft Forms you likely want to give a copy of the Form to another teacher so they do not have to recreate the wheel.


Either go to office.com or forms.office.com to create a new Microsoft Form.

Share Button

I love how easy this is. After making your Form, click on the Share button in the upper-right. I get really annoyed when a digital product has too many clicks and hides things. The share options in Forms are easy to find and use!! Click on “Get a link to duplicate.”

I made a quick sample Form to show you how it works. Click on the link to make a copy of my Form: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ShareFormPage.aspx?id=gwDJdMYDOkWAHJJRzdF-uKMYZuXYwX5Gv_qNJ5s5QCVUMU4yM0pDUTZPRVU5MVMzRDJPU005WUtEUS4u&sharetoken=CxxLke0jbmIRsnOZ4e4q

Obviously you will need to use your Microsoft login so it knows what account it is copying the Form to.

Protecting Data

No one loves data more than me. It is sacred. The idea of giving someone else access to my Form data sends shudders down my spine, assuming they don’t have a need to look at my data. Microsoft Forms does this right! The Share a Template link allows me to safely share the Form without exposing any of my Form results. It also ensures that they don’t accidentally edit my Form. It is understandable that the copy of the Form I share that the person wants to customize it. No accidents here, they will edit their own copy.


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