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Add a Checkbox to Your Google Form Data

Add a Checkbox to Your Google Form Data

Google Sheets Insert a Checkbox

One of my absolute favorite things is inserting checkboxes into a Google Sheets spreadsheet. I really don’t know how I lived my life without this feature. It’s so easy and useful! When using a Google Form make sure you go to the Responses tab and have your Google Form results go to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Now add checkboxes to the spreadsheet.

Google Sheets online workshop

Google Forms

You can use a Google Form so so many things, one idea is to have students submit late work or other requests for your attention via a Google Form. The idea of students emailing me their work sends shudders down my spine. My email is a MESS. I will likely miss the email and I need a better system to allow me to go through all the notifications. A Google Form is the way to go.

When I’m able to, I go the Form to review what students are requesting I look at. Tip: If this is filled out infrequently, on the Responses tab, click the 3 dots to receive an email notification when the Form is filled out.

Google Forms options on the responses tab.

Check Off the Results

In the spreadsheet, right click on column A (the Timestamp) and choose to insert one column to the left.

Insert 1 left

Click on the now blank column A and use the Insert menu to add checkbox.

Add checkbox from the Insert menu

This will format a checkbox for every row in the column. Resize the column to make it skinnier. Tip: Double click between the Column A and Column B indicator to auto resize.

Double click between the

Lots of great reasons to want a checkbox in your Google Form results, enjoy!

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