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And Now … Cal.new

cal dot new
And Now … Cal.new
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Make a new calendar event

Use Cal.new to Quickly Create Events

Google is always making updates and improvements. It’s a hard call to say what my favorite update is so far this year (show attachments and details in Google Classroom might be the winner) but all these dot new shortcuts are pretty high on my list of winners!


I live and die by my Google Calendar. If it’s not on my calendar, it isn’t going to happen. One thing I do is when I have an assignment that requires I come back to it to give feedback I schedule a calendar event to remind me and link to the assignment back in Google Classroom.


Now I can do this even faster. Control T for a new tab. Type cal.new and press enter.

A clean interface to schedule whatever it is you need to schedule and move on with what you were doing!


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