Goal Setting in Google Classroom

Goal Setting is Powerful for Achievement

To achieve a long term goal you need to set several short term achievable goals to help you get there. “I want an A in the class” …. okay, how are you going to get there?

Google Classroom Level Up Game


This Add-on for Google Sheets is still in Beta. I recommend that you start a fresh copy of the spreadsheet once in awhile to get the current updates to the Add-on.

“School is a game, it is just a poorly designed one.” @haskell

What if we played the game better? Video games do not use percentages to show achievement, players level up with XP (experience points). This allows players to goal set for how they are going to get to the next level.

Goal Setting Assignment

A feature of the Google Classroom Level Up game is to push a goal setting assignment. This asks students to intentionally review what level they are at and reflect on what they are going to do get to the next level.

Level up game Google Classroom goal setting assignment

From the update menu in the sidebar, choose “Make Goal Setting Assignment.” This will create a draft assignment in the Google Classroom class and link to the Level Up game assignment.

Level Strips

In addition to posting the goal setting assignment try out the level strips in the Add-on.

Create level strips

This is for printing on paper. Use the sidebar menu in the Google Classroom Level Up game to “Make Level Strips.” This will create a Google Doc with student names, their level and how many more points they need to get to the next level. This can be used for conferencing with students about goal setting.

Google Docs level up strip.

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