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Engage Learning with Student Created Tours

Students make a tour creator
Engage Learning with Student Created Tours

Unfortunately, tour creator has been discontinued by Google. However, the concept of students creating tours is still a good idea. See below for the idea of what the tool did and discover new tools for accomplishing the same activity. 

Google Arts & Culture

Google Cardboard and other virtual tours have been moved to Google Arts & Culture. There is so much cool stuff on the site. Click here for the virtual reality tours. 

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Students make tour creator

Have Students use Tour Creator for their Next Project

Tour Creator is a FREE product by Google to allow YOU (or your students) to create a virtual reality tour. Students can upload their own content or use Google Street view to build a tour.


Before creating your own tour, try out one that has been shared to the VR community.


View Tours

Check out some tours that are already made to give you and your students some ideas on what a tour can look like!

Use the 3 lines menu to choose “Tours.”

Each tour has several scenes of a location to allow you to look around. Look for the “Points of Interest” icons to click on to give information about that spot in the tour.

Share the Link

To share the pre created tour, click on the share icon and copy the link.

Create Your Own

The poly site is a great starting place to see what is possible, but making something is much more satisfying. Why make a poster when you can make a tour! Start by having students create a tour of their school to welcome new students!


(or use g.co/tourcreator)

Click New Tour

Click on the “New Tour” button.

Title the Tour

Easy peasy, give the tour a name and upload a cover photo. Warning, the photo has a known bug that it must be a certain dimension to be accepted.

Click Create

Click the create button to get started.

Search or Upload

Use Google Maps or upload photos you already have to find a location spot for your tour.

Add Scene

Click “Add scene” to add the Google Maps location or your photo to your tour.

Add Points of Interest

Easier than making a poster, add “notes” to the image. Click on “Add point of interest.” This drops an icon you can drag to a spot on the image to direct the users attention to and give information about that.

Add Scene

A tour typically goes to more than one space! Click “Add scene” to add another Google Maps location or photo upload.


Once you’ve added all your scenes click Publish! Choose “Public” or “Unlisted.” Copy the link and share!

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