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Share Your Email at a Conference

Share Your Email at a Conference

Use Gmail for Conferences

It’s summer conference season. A thread is going around on Twitter about the emails from vendors. The last thing I need in my life is more email so here is a hack.

Gmail addresses let you add a plus sign and a word. I use this trick when signing up for websites or conferences. The email still comes to the regular account but I can see that it was sent to +conference so I know where it originated from. I can also filter all emails that come in with +conference to skip the inbox or just delete all together.


If my email is thealicekeeler and I am attending the ISTE conference I will register with iste.

Signing up for a Twitter account… Register with thealicekeeler+twitter

Need to confirm your email but don’t want any further emails from whatever you’re signing up for? thealicekeeler+junk. Then I set up a filter to have that skip the inbox and go into a junk folder.

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