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Add Some Poo ? to Your Spreadsheet

poo emoji in google sheets
Add Some Poo ? to Your Spreadsheet

poo emoji in google sheets

Add Poo Emoji’s to Google Sheets

Who says spreadsheets are not fun? So far I am batting 1000 when I add poo emoji’s to a spreadsheet to see a look of delight on student’s faces when they use the sheet. Create a spreadsheet that makes emoji’s show up when students enter something on the spreadsheet.

Copy Poo Emoji

Your first step is to do a Google search for “Poop emoji.” I’ve used this site to copy the emoji.
copy poo emoji

Paste the Emoji

The lesson here is really that you can paste emoji’s into a spreadsheet. Use Control V to paste the emoji into a cell of your choice. Pro tip: if you want the emoji to be a surprise… hide it in a cell they can’t easily see.
Paste the Poo emoji


The formula you might want to use when adding emoji’s to your spreadsheet is =REPT(). This will repeat a character a certain number of times. For example =REPT(G,3) will result in GGG when you press enter.
repeat with cell referencing

Cell Referencing

However, we do not want to type out the character and pick the number of repetitions, we want to reference them somewhere in the spreadsheet. For example, if your emoji were in cell B1 and in cell A2 is the number of times you want to repeat the emoji then your formula would be =REPT(B1,A2). You REFERENCE the cell that has the value you want.

Change the number in the cell you are referencing to indicate the number of repeats, the spreadsheet will display a different number of poop emoji’s.
change the number of repetitions

Absolute Cell Referencing

Probably you will want to copy and paste your =REPT() formula. However, unless you use absolute cell referencing you won’t get the results you wanted. The emoji you pasted is ALWAYS in the same cell. It does not move. In my example, my poo emoji is in cell B1. To lock down the B1 put a dollar sign in front of the B and a dollar sign in front of the 1. =REPT($B$1, A2). Press enter. Click back on that cell that now has the absolute cell referencing and look for the fill down square in the bottom right of the cell. DRAG the fill down square down to copy and paste your formula down the column. Now type numbers into the column you used to indicate the number of repetitions (mine is column A) and notice how poo emoji’s magically appear.
Paste the absolute reference

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