Resources for Eureka Math

I am NOT endorsing Eureka math. However, I know many of you are using Eureka math at your schools. I saw this tweet and thought this would be a helpful resource for those of you using Eureka math.

This has VIDEOS for every lesson. Send this home.
Homework solutions.
and Google Slides presentations.

It also has Formative quizzes, so definitely check that out!

Eureka Math

Eureka Math Worksheet
I have NOT looked at all of the Eureka math curriculum so I will refrain from comment about the entire curriculum. My kid’s teacher used them last year and what I did see I wasn’t super impressed with. This worksheet is from Eureka math. Gag. This covers NONE of the 8 mathematical principles. It has NONE of the 4 C’s. It’s FORTY FOUR rote practice problems. It lacks immediate feedback. DOK 1 should have IMMEDIATE feedback. The whole thing can be answered with a Google Search (or a basic 4 function calculator). It does not develop number sense. The speed of the feedback is low. Basically… there is NOTHING I like about this worksheet. Fluency does NOT come from repetitive low critical thinking practice. Instead, it comes from understanding concepts and multiple opportunities OVER TIME to interact with a concept. Check out this research article

Open Up OER Resources

I have not reviewed this curriculum either. However, IT IS FREE. I have seen SOME samples where I was impressed with the questions they were asking. Evaluate for yourself if these might be a good addition to your math curriculum.

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