Archive your class for the summer

End of the Year: Archive

You made it! Another school year successfully under your belt. Before you go off and enjoy your well deserved summer vacation you may want to do a little maintenance on your Google Classroom classes. Check out this previous blog post on 3 Things to Wrap Up Google Classroom for the Summer.


Do not delete your class and assignments, you want to be able to reuse them next year! Even if you archive a class you can reuse the assignments from that class.

Go to the class tiles page: Locate the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner. This is the “More options” menu. Click on the 3 dots and choose “Archive.” Click here for more information on archiving classes.

Archiving Google Classroom Class

3 Lines Menu

When you archive a class your class is not deleted or lost. It is simply located under “Archived classes.” Click on the 3 lines menu in the upper left hand corner and select “Archived classes” at the bottom.
archived classes

Documents Are Not In Google Classroom

A paradigm shift to remember is that nothing is attached in Google Classroom. Everything is linked from Google Drive. Archiving a class in Google Classroom shuts down the ability for students to submit work to the class. However, any documents linked in an assignment are still in Google Drive. The documents in the student’s Google Classroom folder are still in their folder. The documents in your Google Drive are still in your Google Drive.

Create an Awesome Assignments Class

Want some homework over the summer? (No, you don’t but here is an idea anyway.) Create an awesome assignments class with no students.
Awesome Assignment

Use the create button to reuse post

In that class click the Create button on the Classwork page and “Reuse post.” This will allow you to choose from a list of classes, including archived classes. Choose the class you just archived!

Which assignments were amazing and you would probably reuse next year? Reuse them. Remember that the “attachments” in the assignments are NOT attached. They are linked from Google Drive. You do NOT want to make copies of things in your Google Drive. This just makes a giant mess of documents with the same name. UNCHECK the “Create new copies of all attachments” checkbox.
Uncheck copy attachments

Immediately the assignment opens for edit. This is the perfect time to reflect on how the assignment could be improved. What would you do differently? How would you reword the directions? What additional resources might your students benefit from?

Click Attachment Titles

Any “attachments” are really just links to Google Drive. Click on the “attachment” title and launch the document from Google Drive. Change dates and update information. Use the SAME document every year!

Version History

Do not make copies!! For Google Apps use the File menu and choose “Version history.” Restore the document to a version that does not have student edits on it. Then it is fresh and ready to go for next year. In the case of a Google Form, go to the Responses tab and click on the 3 dots menu. This will give you the option to “Delete all responses.” This makes your form ready to go for next year! Do not make copies! Reuse!!
Delete all responses


Assign the assignment to the awesome assignments class with no students.

Next Year

Create a new class for your new students. Use the “Reuse post” option to reuse assignments from your “Awesome assignments” class. This way you know they are already updated and you do not have to scroll through all the assignments you had last year.


Next year, consider making a new Google Classroom class every unit or every 6 weeks. Then archive throughout the school year. This makes it easier to reuse your posts from the previous year since you do not have to scroll through the entire last year’s assignment list.

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