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Mute YouTube

mute youtube
Mute YouTube

mute youtube

Stop YouTube from Autoplaying

I love YouTube, You love YouTube, We all love YouTube…. but not the presenter when we fire up YouTube at a PD session. It’s legit! I wanted to look up something the presenter referenced but then the video starts blaring and I’m sheepishly trying to reduce the volume on my computer. Or I am loading up 10 YouTube videos as I am looking for resources for my students and they are all playing over top of each other. How about when you restart your computer and you had a YouTube tab open. Now that tab is blasting sound when you didn’t want it to.

There are many reasons why you don’t want to have sound come from the YouTube video until you’re ready.

Mute Site

If you’re not a Chrome user this feature will make you want to be a Chrome user. You can mute a website from making sound. Like forever. As in whenever you open that website, no sound unless you want it!

Right Click

To mute a site in Chrome, right click on the tab. Choose “Mute Site.”
mute site

Launch YouTube

Try it! Use Control T to open a new tab and type in youtube.com. Notice the mute icon on the tab. Restart your computer. Launch YouTube. Muted.
YouTube muted

Unmute Site

It’s easy to get the sound going. Right-click on the YouTube tab (you’ll notice the mute icon) and choose “Unmute Site.”
Right click unmute site

Mute Site

Don’t forget to mute the site when you’re done. This will save you from those embarrassing moments when you’re in a meeting and of course want to see if there is a YouTube video on what the presenter is talking about!

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