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Google Sites Favicon

customize favicon google sites alice keeler
Google Sites Favicon

customize favicon google sites alice keeler

Add a Favicon to Google Sites

Well, that was easy! I just tried out the new feature to add a favicon to Google Sites. The favicon is the little icon on the tab when you’re visiting a website.


Until recently the favicon was the Google Sites logo. You can now easily customize it to whatever you want. I will admit I do NOT miss the old process for adding a favicon to a website page. (If you don’t know what it is, you don’t want to know.) This was so easy. Literally, browse your computer for a picture.

3 Dots

Find the 3 dots menu next to the Publish button. Choose “Add favicon.”
add favicon


Choose to “Upload” an image from your computer or click on “Select” to add from your Google Drive or from a URL link.

Tip: You can add a Bitmoji as your icon by right clicking on the Bitmoji in the Chrome extension and choosing “Copy image address” and pasting into the URL option under the Select button.
favicon bitmoji

No Save Button

This is a little unsettling…. after you add the image there is no save or “ok” button. You have to click the X in the upper right of the pop up. It feels like it didn’t work, but it did. And then… nothing happens. The favicon for the edit screen remains the Google Sites Logo.
Click the X to close the favicon upload

Tiny Triangle Next to Publish Button

You will need to click on the tiny triangle next to the Publish button to “View published site.” The published site will show your favicon. Check out mine at alicekeeler.com/events.
View published site

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