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Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

Alice Keeler

How Do I Make This Worksheet Digital?

Make worksheets digital
How Do I Make This Worksheet Digital?

Make worksheets digital

Digital Worksheets

Is this the right question? What is the depth and rigor of that worksheet? Why is it valuable enough to want to extend to a new platform?

Google Forms

I can’t think of much things worse than scrolling through a Google Doc looking for what kids answered on a line. Instead, have students answer on a Google Form so you are at least collecting data and can see all student responses at once.

Have Robots Grade It

If the computer can grade it, it should.

Your time is valuable. Grading worksheets is NOT the best use of your time. Use a tool that will grade the worksheets for you! It’s win win, the kids get faster feedback and you instead get to spend your time targeting kids who need your help.

Try this “football scrimmage.” 

Use Real Data

Worksheets tend to have contrived questions, numbers, and situations. How can we instead of giving kids worksheets, give them a connection to something that really exists?


So many websites and news articles contain real information, how can we have students use this to demonstrate their learning instead of filling out a worksheet?

Consider a 21st Century Skill

The world has changed so much since I was a student (I’m 41). Many things that were important to my success are obsolete. I had an encyclopedia at my house. Brittanica literally doesn’t make these anymore! I carry Google in my pocket. This is a 24/7 reality for all of our students and that technology will only get better. If kids can Google the answers, the worksheet is OBSOLETE! Check out wolframalpha.com, photomath, and purplemath.com (amongst others). They not only give the answers, they show the steps!

What are things we did not need to know when we were in school but our students should?

  • How to conduct an advanced search
  • How to figure out new technology rather than be shown how to use it
  • How to use social media
  • How to analyze information for credibility
  • How to represent themselves visually and digitally
  • How to analyze data
  • How to use a spreadsheet
  • How to create a short video

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