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Google Classroom: Individual Student View

Google Classroom view individual student work
Google Classroom: Individual Student View

Google Classroom view individual student work

View Individual Student Work in Google Classroom

I get asked this a lot “Alice, can you see all the work one student has done in Google Classroom?” YOU CAN NOW!

UPDATE: In Fall of 2018 Google Classroom will roll out a new interface. The Students tab will no longer exist. Instead, teachers will use the People tab to locate individual student view. Students will have the “Your work” icon more prominently placed on the Classwork page.

Students Tab

Click on the Students tab in Google Classroom to view your class roster. Click on any students name to view their work.
Click on student name in the roster

Work Page

Clicking on the student’s name on the roster opens that student’s work page. View the list of assignments along with the assignments status. On the left-hand side, filter the assignments for ones that are turned in or ones that are missing. (Please do not put grades in Google Classroom. Grades plus feedback is not a bonus. Grades detract from learning and make the value of your feedback comments LESS.)
Students work page

Hold Down Control and Click on Assignment

TIP! Instead of simply clicking on the assignments to view that particular student’s work for that assignment, hold down the Control key (Command on a Mac) or the Shift key. If you hold down the Control key when you click on student’s work it will open in a new tab. Thus, you do not lose the list of assignments for that student. This makes it much easier for you to review a students body of work.
Chromebook Control Key

Student View

As always, student view is different than teacher view. Students can also review a list of their work submitted for a class. On the class tile is an icon for students to click on that reveals a list of their work.
Student work icon

Students can also find the work icon on the About tab.
Your work icon in Google Classroom

List of Work

Students can quickly see what work is missing along with if their teacher has left them a comment. Students can see a small icon on the assignment indicating that there is a Private Comment conversation.They can also see if work is attached to the assignment. Student work page


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