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Google Classroom: Display the Class Code

Display the Class Code Google Classroom

Display Class Code in Google Classroom

When Google Classroom allowed me to copy the class code from the Students tab in Google Classroom I thought “my life just got better.” Now my life just got epic 🙂 I no longer need to copy and paste the class code from Google Classroom into Google Slides or figure out how to zoom in on the code to distribute it.

Click on the tiny triangle next to the code and choose “Display.”

Display the Code

This will display the code large right on the screen.

Display the Google Classroom Code

Settings Cog or About Link

In the 2018 version of Google Classroom, the code is located either by clicking on the settings cog (my preferred method) or on the About link in the header.
Click on settings cog or about link

Display Even Bigger

Notice in the bottom right of the displayed code is a square to allow you to display the code full screen.
Display full screen

It Is HERE: Classwork Page in Google Classroom

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  1. That I figured out, thx, but I DO have a serious problem in getting my students into my class! Their school GSuite account (student@schooldomain dot country) is not accepted as a ‘valid’ email…..a name@gmail.com (so not the schooldomain account) IS accepted…but I don’t want that! Is this a matter of school IT blocking ‘rights’ in the Google management console???

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