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SlideShot + Webcam Record: Reflect on Thinking

Webcam Reflections in Google Slides
SlideShot + Webcam Record: Reflect on Thinking

Webcam Reflections in Google Slides

Student Reflections

Reflection is an important part of the learning process. One tool I developed for reflection is the Chrome extension SlideShot. It automatically takes a screenshot every minute. Students have the option to manually add screenshots as well. Clicking finish on the extension automatically creates a Google Slides presentation of the screenshots. Each slide contains a text box that allows students to reflect on what they were strategizing during that screenshot.

Webcam Record

Now out is my newest Chrome extension, Alice Keeler Webcam Record, that will allow students to record using their webcam for 30 seconds. The recording is automatically added to Google Drive and the link to the recording is placed on the clipboard for easy sharing.

Webcam Record is available in the Chrome Webstore:  install it here.

SlideShot + Webcam Record

Since Webcam Record saves directly to Google Drive students can easily add video reflections to their Google Slides SlideShot presentation.

Factoring Puzzle

In this example, I started with a factoring puzzle (alicekeeler.com/factoringpuzzle). The objective being to figure out what 3 numbers multiplied to obtain the edge numbers. This requires strategic thinking.

Link to Slides

  • Students start by clicking on the SlideShot Chrome extension to start the screenshot process.
    Start SlideShot screenshots
  • Students make a copy of the puzzle by going to alicekeeler.com/factoringpuzzle or through Google Classroom if the teacher provided each student a copy.
  • Students use the “Make Puzzle” menu to create a new puzzle.
    Create Puzzle from Make Puzzle
  • As student strategizes by placing guesses for numbers in the puzzle, it is recommended that the student manually takes screenshots from the SlideShot Chrome extension.
    manual capture screenshot
  • Student chooses “Finish” in the SlideShot.
  • Google Slides are automatically created.
  • Student can choose to add a title slide.
  • Student views a slide with a screenshot.
  • Student can type an explanation in the provided text box or
    • Using the Webcam Record Chrome extension student can start a webcam recording.
    • The video saves directly to Drive.
    • Use the Insert menu to insert Video.
      Insert Video
    • Student chooses Google Drive as the location of the video.
      Student chooses Google Drive
    • Since the video was just recorded to Google Drive the easiest way to locate it is by clicking on “Recent.”
      Click on Recent to add video
    • The student selects the webcam recording they just did.
    • Resize the video on the slide to the desired size.

Video reflections embedded on the Google Slides

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