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Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

Alice Keeler

Google Classroom: Back Arrow

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Google Classroom: Back Arrow

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Private Comments in Google Classroom have become my priority. It’s an opportunity to give students individual and specific attention and feedback. Having conversations about learning makes learning better. I start with my Gmail and see that a student has left a Private Comment on an Assignment. Sometimes I read the feedback comment and forget what the assignment was about.

Click on Instructions

At the top of the assessment screen is “Instructions” and “Student Work.” Click on Instructions to view the full assignment.
Instructions tab

Student Work

If you click on “Student Work” to go back and respond to a student, you will find you are no longer looking at that student’s Private Comment. Instead, “Student Work” takes you to the entire roster and you have to remember which student you wanted to respond to.
Shows the Full Roster

Browser Back Arrow

Long press on the back arrow in your Chrome browser. This is to the left of the Omnibox (address bar). This is NOT the arrow to go back to the Stream. It is the back button to go back a page on the Internet. If you long press on the back arrow you can see the pages you can go back to. Choose the Google Classroom page that has the Private Comment you were hoping to respond to. (You can also just click the back arrow without the long press.)
back arrow in browser


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