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Google Classroom: Student Did Not Mark As Done: RETURN IT

mark as done
Google Classroom: Student Did Not Mark As Done: RETURN IT

mark as done

UPDATE: Fall 2018 Google Classroom did a major redesign. Now when you return student work without a score the student’s assignment is returned to the status of “assigned.” If the assignment is ungraded, returning the work does mark it as done.

Student Forgot to Mark As Done

Even adults do not remember to always press that blue button “Mark as done” in Google Classroom. How do we get kids to “Mark as done?” Give them time to do it. Every so often I make an assignment where I ask them to go through and double check that all their Google Classroom assignments have green check marks. I also live on planet reality and realize the students are human beings and won’t always click it. No worries, YOU HAVE THE WORK ANYWAY! You do not need students to “Mark as done” for you to review their work.

Return It

The return count in Google Classroom is one my new favorite things. I return return return return quickly. This helps me to know if a student has done something after I have looked over an assignment. When I notice a student has completed work but just has not “Mark as done” or “Turn in” I simply check the checkbox next to their name and press the Return button at the top. This moves the student OUT of the filter for “Not done” and moves them to “Returned.”
Return it

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