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How to Capitalize Text in Google Sheets

Capitalize Your Text in Google Sheets

Sometimes you need your text in capital letters (or all lowercase). If your information is in a spreadsheet you can use formulas to make your text in uppercase (or lowercase).


In a spreadsheet cell type =UPPER( and click on the cell that contains text that you want in uppercase. Press enter. =UPPER(A1) will express what is in A1 to uppercase.
Upper or lower


=LOWER() works the same way! =LOWER(A1) expresses the content in A1 as lowercase.

Paste Special

The problem with using a formula for =UPPER() or =LOWER() is that you now have the information in your spreadsheet twice. Highlight the new values. Use Control C to copy. Immediately use Control Shift V to paste special overtop of where the formulas are. This will strip the formulas and leave only your capitalized text. You can now delete the original non capitalized text.

Paste Special Control Shift V for Google Sheets: Capitalize Text

Try it Yourself

Here is a sample spreadsheet so you can give it a go.

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