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Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

Alice Keeler

Lesson Planning: What Are the STUDENTS doing?

student centered lesson plans
Lesson Planning: What Are the STUDENTS doing?

student centered lesson plans

How do we write student-centered lesson plans? Get started by writing your lesson plans always from the perspective of the student. What are the students DOING? Do your students mention “teacher is” or “I am”? Clearly, you are doing something, but how can you reword this from the perspective of what the students are doing? Tip, try NOT to mention “teacher” or “I” in the lesson plan.

Note Taking

Note taking is not an active activity. Copying things down is DOK 0. Suggestion to ask questions and have students find the answers rather than telling.

PowerPoint is Not Student Centered

A PowerPoint puts the focus on you. How are students the focus of their learning? What decisions are they making? How are they discussing and debating ideas in a small group?

You Are Invaluable

Your value is not in telling kids things they can Google or find on YouTube. Teaching like Google and YouTube exists enhances your value. Research shows tools do NOT improve learning. YOU DO. Your design of the learning environment, your ability to make connections for students, providing students high-quality feedback, caring about students and building relationships makes learning better.

Technology is Not About Being Paperless

Technology allows us to be MORE connected. You design for this. How are students collaborating? How are you connecting with students? Let this be the focus of your technology usage.

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