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Go Further with Google Classroom – 2 More Tips

Google classroom book win a copy
Go Further with Google Classroom – 2 More Tips

Google classroom book win a copy

Google Classroom Book

Go Further with Google Classroom and win a copy of our new book “50 Things to Go Further with Google Classroom: A Student-Centered Approach.”


Fill out this Google Form (goo.gl/forms/8dyTUzNcpvNzDTzz2) by July 5th, 2016. Choose from a signed copy of the new book or the original 50 Things.

Additional Things

Here are a few of the things that did not make the book.

51. Filter Google Drive

Google Classroom works with Google Drive. The assignments students submit are saved in Google Drive. Within the Classroom folder is a folder for each class and a folder for each assignment. Documents attached through Google Classroom have the same document name, appended with the student’s name.
Student work in Google Classroom can be easily accessed through Google Drive with some filtering techniques.

If a teacher is numbering their assignments, they can type the assignment number into the search box at the top of Google Drive to find assignments quickly. Since Google Drive searches the entire document, the filtering technique of title:keyword will only locate documents with the assignment number in the title.
Example: title:#015
google classroom title

Filter Google Drive by “Not owned by me.” Typing owner:me finds files you own. Placing a minus sign in front of this excludes files you own. -owner:me shows student work or files you have shared with yourself from other email accounts.
not owner in google drive
In the search box for Google Drive, or when inserting files for an assignment, teachers can filter by date.
Type in after:YYYY-MM-DD.
find files after a date
Using quotations in a Google Drive search can narrow the search by looking for documents that contain an exact phrase in the exact order. Student documents created in Google Classroom are titled with the same name as the assignment title. Search for the assignment name surrounded by quotation marks to limit results to that assignment.
Example: search “#015 Space Project” or title:”#015 Space Project.”

52. Return Student Work

When students submit work in Google Classroom the ownership of the document is switched from the student to the teacher. The student is a VIEWER of the file. Any comments inserted on the documents are not visible to the student while they are a viewer. Before giving students feedback, RETURN the document. When on the assignment assessment page, select students who are done and click the “Return” button.
return editing rights google classroom

I use the comment “Returning editing rights” when returning student work.
Returning editing rights

Google Form

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