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Apps Name

Most Google products can be located simply by typing the name of the product followed by dot google dot com. It is oftentimes faster to go directly to the website rather than trying to locate the icon in the apps chooser. Some Google products are not available in the apps chooser so it is important to memorize this simple pattern.

More Obscure

Google Fonts:

Google Keep:

My Maps:

Google Scholar:

Google Books:

Google Contacts:

Google Apps Script:

Google Domains:

My Account:

Product Forums:

Maps Bookmarks:

Google Arts and Culture:

Google Mars:

Google Public Data:

Google Sky:

Google Apps

Google Docs:

Google Sheets:

Google Slides:

Google Forms:

Google Drawing:

Google Drive:

Google Classroom: 

Google Calendar:

Google Sites:
BIG NEWS: Google announced they are updating Google Sites! 

Other Google Products

Google Maps:

Google Images:
Side note: these images are NOT free to use. They are probably under copyright. Check before you use. 

Google Hangouts:
Use the menu to locate Google Hangouts on Air (GHO) to record to YouTube.

Google Plus:

Google Spaces: 

Google News:

Google Photos:

Google Voice:

Google Translate:

And Then There is YouTube

YouTube breaks the pattern. YouTube is owned by Google and you can find it by going to

Gmail can also be located by but more likely you will just type

Control T

Instead of using the apps chooser to find your apps, use the keyboard shortcut Control T. This opens a new tab. Without touching the mouse, start typing the name of your Google product followed by and press enter. Boom.
control T

Not Exactly, But Use This

The above link takes you to a Google Search. Type in anything. It searches the web for websites that have DATA. Even better, the data can be directly exported to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Have students use real data and spreadsheets. This is a valuable life skill you can impart on your students.


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