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Use Short URL’s

use url shorteners short URL
Use Short URL’s

use url shorteners short URL

Use Short URL’s

Long URL’s are not very attractive. They distract from “communicating clearly.” Your note can get lost with the long link. Short links also make it easier to direct people to a webpage when they are not able to click on the link, but rather are typing in the web address (URL).

Too Long


Short URL


Chrome Extension

I use the Chrome extension goo.gl. This places an icon next to the Omnibox (search/address bar) in Chrome.
Chrome extension goo.gl

When viewing a webpage simply click on the extension and the short URL is automatically copied to your clipboard. This is a much more attractive way to share links.
click on goo.gl Chrome extension


Right click on the Chrome extension to choose “Options.” Click on the “Grant Access” button to save the short URL’s to your goo.gl account. Note that goo.gl is a service of Google. The goo.gl Chrome extension is NOT created by Google but utilizes the goo.gl API.
goo.gl chrome extension settings

Links on a Page

When you want to share a link on a webpage rather than the whole page, right click on the link and choose “Shorten this link with goo.gl” and “Copy to clipboard.”
right click on links and choose "Shorten this link with goo.gl"


Use Control V to paste the URL into an Email, website, Google Doc or other digital location.

Other Shorteners

The Chrome extension makes it quick and easy to get a short URL but there are reasons to utilize other services. The extension gives you only one choice for the URL. Zeros, ones, L’s, and S’s can be difficult to interpret. Going to a URL shortening website allows you to create new short URL’s until you like it. Some short URL services allow you to use a word instead of a random string of numbers and letters. For example bit.ly/educhatcalendar is easier to remember than goo.gl/dtz526.

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