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Storyboard That: Graphic Organizers and Comic Strips

welcome to storyboard that

Fun and learning come together with Storyboard That. This application allows you or students to create comic strips, storyboards or graphic organizers. Clearly communicate ideas through graphics is a great way for students to demonstrate their learning.


I love students CREATING things. Students can easily get started using Storyboard That to create scenes that tell a story of what they’ve learned. Storytelling and narrative are powerful ways to remember and learn. storyboardthat get started

Storyboard That is fully cloud based and works on Chromebooks. The simple drag and drop interface allows students to focus on their ideas rather than how to navigate the program.
storyboard that drag and drop


Unlike most comic strip creators, students can customize the elements of the comic strip. The customization features are not hidden, encouraging students to really think carefully about how they are communicating their ideas.

Graphic Organizers

Storyboard That offers a variety of graphic organizers to go beyond the 3 panel comic. Students can organize their ideas and share their creation.
storyboard that graphic organizers


  • Model mathematics.
  • Demonstrate understanding by applying knowledge to a real world context within a story.
  • Recreate historical scenes.
  • Graphically represent vocabulary.
  • Organize notes.
  • Create backgrounds for video projects.
  • Create characters and backgrounds for student created books.

1 thought on “Storyboard That: Graphic Organizers and Comic Strips”

  1. Alice,
    I know this is an older post, but I am doing a presentation about StoryboardThat this coming week and I am collecting some links that participants could use to find out more about this program if they would like to see how others have used it. I love this program and hope they will too!
    I would like to share a link to your Teacher Tech site…are you ok with that? I follow you on Twitter and really learn a lot from your tweets and your site…especially about Google Classroom, which I also love.
    Madelyn Shedd, Greenville County Schools, SC

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