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Google Docs do NOT Count Against Your Google Drive Storage

Free Storage in Google Drive
Google Docs do NOT Count Against Your Google Drive Storage

Free Storage in Google Drive Google Drive Storage

If you are a Google Apps for Education (GAfE) user, you have UNLIMITED Google Drive storage. However your personal Gmail account does not. Google Apps for Work users are also not unlimited (unless they upgrade to that service.)

Free for Schools

Just to reiterate, schools have unlimited storage so put a lot of videos into your school accounts Google Drive 🙂

Google Drive Storage Costs

15 Gigabytes are FREE for Gmail users.

Storage after 15 Gigabytes is pretty cheap. $1.99 a month for 100 Gigs.

Google Docs and Google Drive

Google Docs do NOT count against your storage in Google Drive. Each Google Doc has a ZERO MB file size. You can make as many Google text documents, Google Slides presentations, Google Sheets spreadsheets, Google Drawings and Google Forms as you want and not eat up your Google Drive storage space.

Google Drive Zero storage google docs

PDF’s, Video and Pictures

Other file types DO count against your storage. Having a lot of video in your Google Drive is probably what is going to cause you to go over your limit. You can clear out your Google Drive of large files by going to THIS LINK to view your Google Drive files by file size.
pdf video images have file size in Google Drive

Office 365

For schools, Office 365 is free but when students graduate they will need to pay for their office subscriptions and data storage. OneDrive rates are $1.99 for 50 Gigs. For Office the subscription rate is $6.99 a month compared to Gmail’s Google Apps which are $0 a month.

All Docs Count Against Storage in 365

Creating an online Word or Office document DOES count against OneDrive storage.
office docs are NOT free storage

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