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Twitter: Un-Check Best Tweets First

Twitter Timeline
Twitter: Un-Check Best Tweets First

Twitter Timeline

Twitter has decided to take a lesson from FaceBook and manipulate your timeline to not be in real time. I use Twitter to engage in conversations with educators so not seeing information in real time does not interest me. Also, I’m about to dump FaceBook over their new algorithm. I do not want to see the same posts repeatedly (end side rant).


You can change the timeline preferences in settings. Click on your profile picture in the upper right hand corner. Choose “Settings.”
Twitter Settings Twitter Timeline


Scroll down to the content section of the settings and locate “Timeline.” Un-check the checkbox for “Show me the best Tweets first.”
uncheck the timeline preference

Create Lists

If you have certain Tweeps who you don’t want to miss their messages, consider creating a list.

Your stream in Twitter shows you the tweets of all the people you follow. The exception is if one of the people you follow replied to a tweet and the tweet starts with @. Those tweets only push to the Twitter streams of followers who follow both of you. See a blog post on this here.

Creating a list provides you a filtered stream. You will see the tweets of those on the list, not everyone you follow. You can add Tweeps to a list who you do not follow. This allows you to read the tweets of someone you choose not to follow.

Add a Tweep

To add someone to a list, click on their name in a tweet.
click on tweep name

From the profile page, locate the settings wheel next to the “Follow” button. Choose “Add or remove from lists…”
Add or remove from lists

If you already have lists, checkbox which list you want to add the Tweep to. Use the “Create a list” button to make a new list.
create a list or add to a list

Find Your Lists

If you do make a list, it is a little tricky to find the list in Twitter. From your own profile page, click on the number of lists you have created.
your profile find lists and click on it

Click on the list to view the tweets from those on the list.


Following a list is easier if you use something like Tweetdeck. On the left hand side of Tweetdeck, click on the plus icon to add a column.
add a column in tweetdeck

One of the column types to add is “Lists.”
tweetdeck add a list column

This provides you a filtered stream of tweets. This makes it easy to keep on top of what your favorite tweeps are tweeting!

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