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Google Docs: Create Authors with ePub

Google ePub

Google Docs: Create Authors with ePub

Google ePub

Create an ePub

A new feature in Google Docs is the ability to save a Google Doc as an ePub. An ePub is a file format that can be opened on a tablet device in an app such as iBooks.

Student Authors

This file format allows students to publish their work essentially as a book. Have students collaboratively create a book or resource in a Google Doc and after editing save as an ePub. The ePub can be shared with parents, community members or published for download.

Allowing others outside of the class can access, download and read student work can be very exciting for students. Particularly if this is the result of an extended effort to create a meaningful resource. What problem can students solve? What can they research, organize and publish to allow others to learn from them?

Google ePub

In the Google Doc use the File menu to choose “Download as…” and use the format of “EPUB Publication.”
google doc save as ePub

The file will download to your computer. Emailing the ePub or allowing someone to download it off a website are easy ways to provide access. Save the file to Google Drive and make you make the document “anyone with the link can view.” Copy the sharing link and share to allow others to download.
google drive link sharing

Sample ePub

Here is a Google Doc I had in my Google Drive I downloaded as an ePub. I saved it to Google Drive and linked to the file. You should be prompted to download the file.

Sample ePub

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  1. I’m a fan of using Google slides to make ebooks – let’s suggest to Google that they add this feature to slides also. Slides can be so interactive in that you can add Video’s and they can easily be formatted in fun ways including hyperlinks to different parts of the slide deck.

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