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5 Quick Wins for a Student Centered Classroom by @shfarnsworth

student-centered classrooms 5 Quick Wins

Switching to a student-centered classroom is not easy. Most likely it is not how you were taught. When trying new things, do not jump in the deep end. Try some small things to get you closer to a student-centered classroom.

5 Quick Wins

By Shaelynn Farnsworth

5 quick wins that don’t cost a lot of money and can be implemented immediately to create a more student-centered Classroom.

1) Eliminate the Front

Eliminate the front of the room by removing the teacher desk, grouping student desks instead of leaving them in rows, and place multiple monitors around the room for student-use, instead of one large screen.

2) Designate Areas

In a student-centered classroom, intentional use of space meets the needs of all students. Large group, small group, conferring, individual work, makerspace, work stations, inquiry zones, and multimedia recording/editing are areas for consideration.

3) Collaboration

Plan for collaboration in your lesson plans. Think about how the layout of the room naturally contributes to students collaborating or if the furniture makes it difficult for students to get together.

4) Mix it Up

Don’t forget about the creature comforts we all enjoy working in. Student-centered classrooms take into need physical aspects as well. Pillows, bean bags, rugs, lamps, artwork, standing workstations are easy ways to Mix it Up in your classroom.

5) Display Student Work

Celebrate students! In a student – centered classroom, every student is not necessarily working on the same thing. Student outcomes can look differently when students are given freedom in how to demonstrate their learning. Show off what students are doing, make it apparent that students are being creative and have a voice in their learning.

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