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Kyle’s Spelling Activity

Kyle’s Spelling Activity

Spelling Activity

My friend Kyle asked me to code a way for his son to practice spelling words. Clearly the answer is always a spreadsheet. Enter spelling words onto this spreadsheet and use the Add-On menu (Kyle spells) to practice spelling words.



How it Works

After making a copy of the template, locate the Add-On “Kyle spells.”
Kyle spells

The spreadsheet has sample spelling words and sentences. Use the buttons in the menu to try out the activity. Choose the “Delete” button to enter your own spelling words.
Delete default spelling words

Spelling Words

List spelling words in column A.
Write a sentence that defines the spelling word without using the word in column B.
Write a sentence that includes the spelling word in context in column C.

Press Start

Press start in the sidebar. This will hide the spelling list and choose a random spelling word. The sentence defining the word will appear in cell C4. Type the spelling word into the yellow cell D4.
Spelling word


After typing the spelling word and pressing enter, click on “Check” in the sidebar.
Check Answer

If the word is spelled correctly, you will be told it is “CORRECT” and a point will be added to your score.

Next Word

Click on “Next Word” in the sidebar to generate a random word from the spelling list. The sentence for the spelling word will appear and the yellow cell D4 will be cleared to allow you to enter the next spelling word. Click on “Check” in the sidebar to check the spelling.


The “Reset” button in the sidebar deletes the practice page and returns you to the spelling list.

Google Classroom

Suggestion to create a copy of the template and to delete the default spelling words. Rename the spreadsheet. Suggestion to not provide the spelling words and sentences to the students. Attach in Google Classroom as “Make a copy for each student.” Have the student type in the spelling words into column A and write the sentences for columns B and C. The student can then practice their words right in the spreadsheet.
google classroom each student will get a copy


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