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Check Out www.mkrclub.com – Start 3D Printing

Check Out www.mkrclub.com – Start 3D Printing


As many of you know I have been melting plastic up a storm with my Polar 3D printer. I am excited to see how many schools and classrooms are starting to get 3D printers for their classes. Having students design, create, invent and model Again this year, the Horizon report has included 3D printers as technology that is on the horizon for classrooms.
Horizon Report 2015

Polar 3d printer

Everything I Learned I Learned From Mkrclub

My favorite website for 3D printing is www.mkrclub.com. The website has great tips and graphics for how to make things on a 3D printer. Check out this post on creating 3D printed badges. My favorite post is how students can use Google Draw to create 3D model.

Google Logos

You may  have noticed I like to print out the Google Apps Logos. I got the STL files (the file type you need to 3D print on the Polar 3D printer) from mrkclub.com. The website has a tab for the Google icons. Click on the link on the page to download the STL file and print out your own 3D models of the Google icons.

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