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Think Globally – How Is Your Class Interacting With Other Classes?

Think Globally – How Is Your Class Interacting With Other Classes?

Think Globally

An easy way to hit R on the SAMR model is to have your students interact with people outside of your 4 walls. It is 2015, with social media it is incredibly easy to connect with students outside of your school. In designing your lesson and projects, consider how students are interacting with the world. If you do not have a class Twitter account, you may want to consider making one as a venue for connecting your class.

Beverly Ladd is working on a Global Math Task Twitter Exchange.

“Every Tuesday we would take turns tweeting out a math task for the other class to figure out and tweet back the answer.”

Beverly has also started a blog to provide regular information about the #GMTTC. On her blog you can find a spreadsheet to sign up to participate in the Global Math Task Twitter Challenge. What is great about this challenge is that the students are developing the math challenges. Students now have an audience and purpose for their critical thinking. Receiving a reply to a challenge can be very exciting for students.

Consider having your class participate in the #GMTTC challenge each week. Finding projects other teachers are doing is an easy way to start connecting classrooms.

Create Your Own Project

It is not hard to find an audience for your students. Use a subject or grade level hashtag on Twitter and ask if someone would like to connect with your class to do a project. Previously, I had posted a spreadsheet for classes to list their class Twitter handle. This is an easy way to find other classrooms to follow and interact with. You can also have your students create the tweets if you use my spreadsheet that you can share through Google Classroom.

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  1. I read your advice for creating a classroom twitter account. I am library media specialist in a4-6 school. I nave a library twitter account, but it is private. Should open it up ? we try to connect with classes that we follow.

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