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3 Tricks in Google Slides to Try

3 Tricks in Google Slides to Try

3 tips for Google Slides

Here are 3 tips for Google Slides you may not know.

1. Delete Layouts

By default, there are 11 different layouts for students to choose from.
11 layouts

When doing a collaborative activity you probably only need one or two templates for students to use.

Use the “View” menu and choose “Master.”
View Master

Delete the 10 extra layouts by selecting them and pressing the delete key. You can then edit the remaining layout to represent the template you want students to utilize.
Delete layout slides

2. Insert Clipart

Using the “Insert” menu, choose “Image.”
Insert Image

The last image option is to “Search.” This will do a Google Image search for images to insert into the presentation. After searching for something, change the filter from “All types” to “Clipart.”
Clip Art

3. Change Background

Click on “Background” in the toolbar to upload a background image. This image is locked into the background, and thus can not be accidentally edited by students. Create a graphic organizer for the background to allow students to demonstrate their learning by inserting text boxes, shapes and pictures onto the slides in the correct spots.
Choose Image

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  1. Alice, When you have students all collaborate on one slide show and each add a slide – Do you have the entire class do this all at once? Or is this used for online courses where students would be adding slides at different times?

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